HAMTRAMCK  – A Hamtramck man is now facing charges after he reportedly used a steak knife and garden shears to amputate his dog’s leg at home last spring. Charles Wofford was arrested this week and charged with with one felony count of torturing an animal and one misdemeanor count of cruelty to one animal, the Michigan Humane Society announced Tuesday.

The 7-year-old Labrador Retriever was found in Hamtramck with his back right leg cut off in April. The tools reportedly used in the botched operation include garden shears, a steak knife and toothache medicine.

The man told local media in the spring that the dog, who he called “Blacky,” got into a fight and needed an amputation, but that he didn’t have the money for surgery so he did it himself.

After the incident Michigan Humane Society CEO Matthew Pepper said it was the “most horrific act” that he had seen his 20 years in animal welfare.

According to the MHS, the dog was treated and renamed “Mackinac.” He was placed with an adoptive family on June 2, but his behavior worsened, despite working with trainers, veterinarians and behaviorists, they said.

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