By Mickie McLeod

On last week’s episode, the waves wiped the castaways towards an evacuation. This week, it was the waves of strategy that led one person voted off. Who was it? Here’s what you missed on this weeks episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath:


Reward Challenge

Eating rice for days can take a toll on you, as you can imagine. So this week’s reward must’ve been pretty enticing when the three tribes were competing for meat kabobs and cooking utensils.

The three tribes, Vuku, Tiva, and Jabeni pushed their way through the series of obstacles. They were throwing rings on pegs, carrying coconuts, and solving puzzles. The tribes were fighting hard, well… two of them at first.

While Vuku was taking the lead, Jabeni was undoubtedly struggling. Disaster was brewing with their tribe early on in the challenge. Taking their time and getting stuck with their rope, it was sure they weren’t going to win the cooked meal.

Suddenly, during the ring toss section of the challenge, Vuku’s lead vanished, and Jabeni eventually caught up. By surprise, Vuku couldn’t keep up their momentum and lost this challenge. That meant Tiva and Jabeni were the ones that got to eat well.

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Now filling up their bellies, this tribe seems pretty happy overall, besides Gabby — she’s pretty much been crying in every episode.

Gabby is emotional because she notices she doesn’t have the strongest alliance in the game and on her tribe especially. Her most significant ally, Christian, is fitting in the tribe pretty well. During this episode, we see another side of Christian, as he explains how great it feels to fit in and even be part of the “Brochachos” (as the few guys named themselves).

While it’s very endearing to hear Christian’s story, Gabby feels the opposite of being accepted. She even meets up with the other female on her tribe, Alison, former Goliath, and cries to her about finding a trustful alliance. With empathy, Allison consoles her and starts to think maybe working with Gabby would advance her game after all.


Meanwhile, on the Vuku tribe, the focus is all on Elizabeth. There’s no surprise that the castaways are feeling uncomfortable while sleeping on Survivor. I mean, they’re sleeping in various weather conditions, on top of bamboo and an unstable shelter. After weeks in this game, Elizabeth had enough.

Let’s just say; this cowgirl got pretty wild. She couldn’t take the discomfort of their shelter and bed anymore. So she took apart their shelter during the day and began to cut the logs into flatter pieces. Eventually, Davie and Carl told her she needed to stop because the sun was setting soon. Welp, Elizabeth didn’t like those comments either, as she explained her back is a severe problem through her regular lifestyle.

Elizabeth’s back is sore — and with a painted target. Did she stir up the pot with the only alliance she has in the game?


Jabeni is struggling. With Natalie leaving last week, Lyrsa compared herself to a cat — because her life in the game survived another vote once again.
Last week, Angelina was desperate to stay warm at camp, so she voted with Natalie, in hopes that she’d give up her coat when she left. Angelina wrote down Lyrsa’s name down, then immediately asked Natalie for her jacket. But Natalie didn’t give Angelina anything.

Now this week, the other three left on Jabeni are wary about Angelina’s game. Nick even calls her a “sketch-ball” because she was so fake towards Natalie. Lyrsa, without any question, doesn’t feel comfortable with her either, since she wrote her name down.

Was that a smart move on Angelina’s part? Or is Angelina’s strategy finally being exposed?

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Immunity Challenge

Each week, the challenges only get harder for these castaways. The more days they’ve been out there, the more fatigued they are. This week’s Immunity Challenge definitely showcased that.

The three tribes had to take a concrete, large saucer and carry it through a series of obstacles. While they reach the end of the obstacle, they had to fill up the small space in the dish with water, then carry it back to fill up their well. Once their well had filled up entirely, a bag of puzzle pieces would fall. The first two tribes to finish their puzzle was safe from Tribal Council.

As you can imagine, it was a difficult challenge. The Tiva tribe filled up their well on the first carry, which is pretty impressive. They were in the lead while Jabeni and Vuku had to go through the course twice to receive more water. But Jabeni was struggling once again.

With hands cramping and legs shaking, the Jabeni tribe were continuously losing their water for their well. It was a disaster in sight. The four were having a difficult time. After their second round, the Vuku tribe had passed them, completing the well section. Meanwhile, Jabeni still did not have enough water.

It was rough to watch. And with the defeat, Jabeni dropped their saucer and forfeited.

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Tribal Council

The four, Mike, Lyrsa, Angelina and Nick were pretty emotional after their loss. They knew it was game time before Tribal Council. As mentioned earlier in the episode, Angelina had become completely untrusted by Lyrsa, so she convinces Mike and Nick to vote her out.

The idea sounded appealing, that’s a fact. But Mike was hesitant towards voting out Angelina because he didn’t want his former Goliath members from the other tribes to go against him once the merge arrives. He kept this in mind, and since Nick is also a close ally to him, the two voted besides Angelina this episode, which meant Lyrsa was voted out.

What a move. What did you think of Lyrsa getting voted off? I was surprised. Angelina is pretty sneaky! She’s someone who will blindside. Who are your favorite castaways this season? Mine, of course, is Christian, who’s probably one of the most likable. Tweet me @mickcloudy and let’s talk Survivor!


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