By Mickie McLeod

DROP YOUR BUFFS. The game starts now. Did you miss the merge on last night’s episode of  Survivor: David vs. Goliath? Here’s how it went down…

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The newly merged tribe, “KaloKalo” started their time together with a Survivor feast. Halfway through the season, you can imagine how great it probably felt for the castaways to fill their bellies finally with nutrients and food other than white rice.

In years past, it’s common that during a Survivor merge, a Hidden Immunity Idol or advantage is tucked and hidden somewhere within the feast spread. It was Gabby who had her eyes peeled for the idol this time. However, she didn’t find anything, and no one did. Does that mean the next Hidden Immunity Idol is still out there and up for grabs?

Dan Rengering and Elizabeth Olsen (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

While the feast continues, strategy starts to unfold. Reunited once again, Christian and Nick (otherwise known as their nickname, “The Mason Dixon”) start aligning, filling in each other with news and who they can trust. One name which was dropped by them was Dan’s. They know he has a Hidden Immunity Idol and is someone to look out for in this game.

Dan, on the other hand, has no idea other castaways are saying his name and as quoted by his most trusted ally Kara, he’s “sitting pretty.” That’s because he recently tells her that he not just has one Hidden Immunity Idol, but has two. We know that Dan still has a romantic spark with Kara, but is it smart for him to trust her fully?

Another person who has their eye on Dan’s smart game is another former David, Elizabeth. This cowgirl is playing smart and is ready to make the move of voting him out. The challenge for her though is some of her current alliance, including Carl and Davie, are still bothered by her, mainly because of her outburst last week.


Individual Immunity Challenge

Survivor Tribal Immunity is no more! It’s every man for himself now. Individually, the remaining 13 castaways are competing against one another, in hopes to be the last man standing in the challenge and be safe from Tribal Council.

The castaways were lined up and had to compete playing another unique Survivor designed challenge. While swinging a pendulum, the castaways must balance themselves on a small stilt, while also keeping their tiki in the center stable. If the castaway falls off their stilt, their tiki falls, or if they lose momentum and stop their pendulum from spinning, they’re out of this challenge. As you can imagine, this was not as easy as it looked.

One by one, the castaways were dropping like flies in the challenge. It was down to three: Dan, Alison, and Elizabeth.

At any moment, you can lose your momentum of the pendulum, and that’s what happened to Dan. The final two were Elizabeth and Alison. And it was the Doctor, Alison with the precise, hand-eye coordination who won this first Individual Immunity. I mean, she’s a Doctor — it makes sense why she had great precision!

The Individual Immunity Challenge (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council is back again for everyone. No one is safe, especially the former Davids. There are seven original Goliath castaways still in the game, and there’s six Davids. And the David’s aren’t feeling pretty well about it.

Earlier in the game, an inner six-alliance was secretly formed which included both David and Goliaths. Those six were Mike, Alec, and Alison from Goliath, and Nick and Christian (Mason-Dixon) and also Gabby, from David. These five promised each other to stick together until the end, but it wasn’t clear when they would make their first move in unity.

With that said, the Goliath’s continued to run the vote before Tribal, and we’re unsure how it would lay. The castaway that continues to control the decisions though is again, Angelina. She’s very persuasive towards others but a few, including her ally Alex, viewed her as a “master manipulator.”

The title, “master manipulator,” isn’t far off about Angelina. At least in this game of Survivor. She shares that she’s a wife to someone in the marines, which may explain why she has this tough skin and approach. Angelina initially tells her Goliath alliance that she wants Christian voted out. They listen to her — but aren’t happy with the decision. After deliberating with each other without Angelina, they decided it’s best to keep him now and vote off someone more aggressive in the game, who they thought Elizabeth would be a good choice.

Mike White (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Because they switched their decision from Christian to Elizabeth, Angelina was pissed. She wasn’t thrilled and felt betrayed by her Goliath alliance. Why? Because it seems like she enjoys being the one who makes all the decisions…

Well, Angelina did get a little sneaky behind her alliance’s back, and she tells Elizabeth, in spite of her tribe, that she was the one they’re voting off. It seems the only reason Angelina did this is to manipulate Elizabeth in thinking she’s a friend. So when Elizabeth is voted off and on the Jury, and if Angelina is in the finals, she’d get Elizabeth’s vote to be the Sole Survivor.

In the past, great Survivor winners know how to be likable throughout the game, but discretely that is. Angelina was not discrete. At Tribal Council, Elizabeth made it clear to throw Angelina’s name under the bus. She wanted to be sure that everyone knew that Angelina is not trustworthy and quite frankly, a sneaky player. Despite the controversy between Angelina and others, the vote was still final. Angelina had it her way once again, and Elizabeth was voted out. She’s now the first person of the Jury this season.

Angelina Keeley (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Elizabeth Olsen (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

What do you think about Elizabeth getting voted out? Better yet — what do you think about Angelina? Is she, after all, the true “master manipulator” in this season? It sure looks like it. Tweet me @mickcloudy and let’s talk more Survivor!

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