By Mickie McLeod

22 days in and the remaining castaways are ready to shake things up. Did you miss this week’s episode? Here’s what went down on Survivor: David vs. Goliath:

Christian Hubicki, Alison Raybould, John Hennigan, Alec Merlino, Nick Wilson, Gabby Pascuzzi, Carl Boudreaux, Kara Kay, Davie Rickenbacker, Dan Rengering, Mike White and Angelina Keeley (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Reward Challenge

After days of hunger and very little to eat, nothing sounds better than a dozen pizzas. Yes, a dozen. This week, the 12 castaways split into two teams of six to compete for the delicious pies by deciding their team with a good old-fashioned Survivor school-yard pick.

The two teams had to battle it out against each other by holding 10 LB. sandbags above their heads. If one of the six castaways from either team dropped their bag, the team would lose. As you can imagine, this was getting painful to watch.

One by one, a castaway must drop out of the team after ten minutes. Through the game, the arm strength was shaky and bags were shuffling. At one point, Dan was holding three 10 LB bags with one arm. He felt so confident; his competitiveness side came out as he decided to holler some smack at the other team. But, you know what they say, cockiness never wins. One of his three bags dropped from his hand, which made his side miss out on the pizzas. Did Dan’s cockiness put a target on his back?

The winning team: Nick, Christian, Gabby, John, Allison, and Alec.

Mike White (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

After filling their bellies — and not, the game was still in focus for a few people specifically. One person who was thinking hard was Mike, the television writer. As a writer, he’s thinking how the season will play out as a whole. He’s onto the fact that Christian has been very liked so far by many, and he fears that he’s a more significant threat than it seems. Regardless of the six that he confirmed an alliance with last week, which includes Christian, Mike is ready to get down to business.

Mike’s move is bold, but he knew his former Goliath alliance would agree with him about blindsiding Christian. The Goliath’s are on board, and things aren’t looking good for Christian’s game.


Individual Immunity Challenge

Individual Immunity is back up for grabs! And this wasn’t an easy challenge either. The remaining 12 castaways had to compete against one another by balancing on a small and narrow perch, while also balancing a buoy with two poles. If someone falls off their beam, or drop their buoy, they’re out.

Right away, the castaways are dropping like flies. This challenge was harder than they assumed. The game went by quickly. The two that outlast the rest were Angelina and Dan. The two who are known to play with overconfidence were head-to-head the last minutes, but it was Dan who took the win for this time.

Christian Hubicki (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Tribal Council

Earlier in the episode, while Mike was conducting the Goliath’s move, it was both Nick and Davey who were thinking of a plan for the remaining David’s. While the strategy was forming, Davey and Nick found a clue to an advantage in the game. The clue had a small blue ribbon wrapped around it which held the image that was on the merge spread from last week. The picture was a beautiful colorful sunset, with a palm tree piercing out of a cliff.

The two walked along the beach and noticed the palm tree that looks like the photo. Carl joined them at this time, and while he and Nick went to the tree, Davey distracted the other members of the tribe, which was majority of the Goliath’s. The three met back up and read the advantage together. They found a huge advantage in the game that said they could steal a vote at any Tribal. Now, between the three, they have the “steal a vote” advantage, Carl has an “idol nullifier,” and nobody knows that Davey still has a Hidden Immunity Idol in his pocket.

Christian Hubicki (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

Angelina Keeley (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

These advantages gave the David’s a huge advantage in the game, especially when hearing that Christian’s in trouble.

At Tribal, it was evident that the remaining Goliath’s were voting for Christian. For the remaining David’s, it’s known that Angelina’s name was going to be written down. However, in Survivor, any twist can happen.

Before reading the votes, host, Jeff Probst always asks: “if anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol, now’s the time to play it.” And no one was messin’ around. Davey gets up out of his chair and surprises everyone and confesses he has an idol. He plays the idol. But for who? You bet. Christian is safe! Things are looking great for the David’s….

Well, for a moment. Angelina stares at Dan and begs him to use his Hidden Immunity Idol to save the votes against her now. After a slight hesitation, Dan rises from his chair too and gives Jeff an Idol, and this time, for Angelina. Now both Christian and Angelina are safe from any votes that are cast against them.

By a landslide, Christian would’ve been out if he didn’t have an Idol to protect him. Then it would’ve been Angelina. But between Christian and Davey, they knew it was crucial to throw in someone else’s name that wasn’t protected by idols or Immunity. So that’s why John, the Pro-Wrestler was randomly voted out during this epic Tribal Council. He’s now the second person on the Jury.

John Hennigan (Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

What an episode! John’s a likable guy, but it was an ultimate “bro-cha-cho” blindside. Who are your favorites this season? I’m a fan of Christian, but is Mike, right about him? Is he everyone’s favorite and will someone make another move to get him out? It’s a great season — Tweet me @mickcloudy and let’s talk Survivor!


Don’t miss Survivor: David vs. Goliath! Wednesday’s at 8/7c on CBS and don’t miss my recaps every week!



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