Outlet malls. Art centers. Home improvement stores. Cellphone retailers. Breweries. If history is any indicator, these are just some of the places people across the country will be headed over the Thanksgiving holiday this year.

That’s according to a new analysis by Google Maps and Google News Lab, which published a new report this week titled “Mapping Thanksgiving.” The report looked at places people searched directions for over the holiday more often than at other times of the year. The top place people in Michigan searched for over the holiday: stadiums. Here’s a complete breakdown for our state:


  1. Stadium
  2. Hot dog restaurant
  3. Farm equipment store
  4. Appliance store
  5. Plant nursery

Thursday (Thanksgiving)

  1. Stadium
  2. Farm equipment store
  3. Plant nursery
  4. Hot dog restaurant
  5. Asian grocery store

Friday (Black Friday)

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