By Mickie McLeod

Last night was big for Survivor fans! TWO Tribal Councils back to back. Yep, this week we got two episodes of Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Here’s what went down on both:


Last week was epic. Survivor introduced the Idol Nullifier, which changed the entire game. Carl was the one who used it on Dan, which essentially blocked his Hidden Immunity Idol. Because of the nullifier, Dan was voted

out, and this week, Carl’s feeling pretty high up with his status among the remaining ten castaways.

With five remaining David’s and five remaining Goliath’s, it’s anyone’s game. However, things aren’t looking as good for the Goliath’s. Last week, some of the alliance wrote Angelina’s name down as a back-up just in case Dan

didn’t go. And now Angelina’s pissed. She’s angry and even says her Goliath alliance is “dead to her.”

Meanwhile with the David alliance, Davie and Nick are rising early, and getting the worm — well, idols. Before sunrise, the two went hunting for another Hidden Immunity Idol while the rest of the tribe was still sleeping. It

was Nick who found not an idol, but a clue. The clue told him that he must sneak off at night and find the Hidden Immunity Idol on the other side of the island. These two are easily the most impressive this season when it comes to Idol hunting.

Reward Challenge – Episode 1

The winners of this challenge earned a Survivor picnic filled with all-you-can-eat wraps, salads, and good-old wine.

On “go,” two teams of five had to compete in a water obstacle course. Individually they’d race across a rope bridge, launch themselves through the water, and collect poles to hit a target at the very end of the course. The

two teams were neck & neck the entire way. But it was the orange team who won, which included Alec, Alison, Gabby, Christian, and Mike.

At the reward, it was Alec’s time to put the charm on Christian and Gabby. He knows he’s one of the five left of the Goliath’s and with Angelina out of the alliance; his game isn’t looking too good right now. Also on the reward

were special letters from home. The five read their individual letters from their friends and family, in hopes to use the sentiment as motivation.

What wasn’t used as motivation, however, is welp — the booze. The five were feeling pretty sick after the challenge, due to overeating and of course, drinking. This led to a pretty great distraction — for Nick and Davie.

It was the time for Nick to sneak off and take advantage of the distraction. As the remaining castaways struggled to go to sleep, Davie was on the look-out for Nick while he walked down the beach towards a flame lit in the distance.

Eventually making it to the fire in the pitch dark, Nick received another Hidden Immunity Idol in this game.

Is it just me, or is Nick wildly underestimated in this season? He’s building quite a resume, and we need to keep a look out for this guy!

Individual Immunity Challenge – Episode 1

Individual Immunity is up for grabs — and it wasn’t easy. The ten castaways had a shot in being safe by balancing on a small perch, while also holding a handle behind their head. The last person who doesn’t either fall off

their perch or let go of their bar — wins immunity.

However, around this part of the Survivor season, Jeff Probst loves to entice the tribe with a little alternative. This time it was for nachos and, yep — you guessed it, booze. The castaways had the choice to sit out

of the challenge and instead snack on a giant size of nachos and beer. And it was Carl, Nick, and Angelina who took the opportunity to eat.

That left seven castaways battling it out in what may have been one of the longest challenges ever in Survivor history. This challenge lasted for hours. At the one hour and thirty-five-minute mark, there were only three

left: Gabby, Christian, and Alec.

The sun was beating down, and discomfort’s hitting them hard. The challenge is rather simple, but the pain tolerance is what these castaways have to fight through. After two hours and thirty minutes, Gabby dropped out, and was

defeated and emotional (her signature state of being this season).

And it was down to two. The hours of numbness was so impressive to watch. Alec knew he was on the chopping block for this Tribal Council, but Christian was also fighting hard for himself. These two were in it to win. Around

the three hour mark, Christian used such a tactic to annoy his opponent Alec — and that was by talking. He knew what he was doing. And for the remaining few hours, Christian told stories to them all. I’m lovin’ this nerd.

After Christian attempted to torture Alec into stepping off of the perch, (by talking his ear off), Alec told Christian that he must be safe or he’d be going home. Christian knows this though and says to him that he feels like

this is his only shot at winning an Immunity. And after five and a half hours of this challenge, Alec willing stepped off. This left Christian to win this epic battle of Immunity Challenge.


Tribal Council – Episode 1

It’s no surprise that Alec’s upset that he eliminated himself from the challenge. He knew he fought a long time, and now he’s overwhelmed knowing his name is up in the air for Tribal Council.

However, Alec sees a crack with the alliances, and it’s through Carl. He and others notice that Carl is being rather cocky, confident, and controlling the votes. But just like in the Immunity Challenge, Alec struggled to hang

on just a little longer. So Alec was voted out during the first episode this week.


On the second half of last night’s episodes, the David’s are now feeling at the top of their game. What a comeback. From being on the bottom at the merge, the David’s are now leading with the remaining numbers: five to four.

Alison on the Goliath tribe, however, knows she’s at the bottom. She was pretty upset and used Christian as someone to comfort her. Did she miss her opportunity to make a better alliance with the David’s?

Reward Challenge – Episode 2

The nine were divided into two teams of four — leaving one person to sit out in this reward challenge. On “go,” the two teams would have to compete in another water challenge, climbing up ladders, retrieving buoys under water,

and making five baskets with them. The first team to complete five baskets with their buoys earned a generous and lucrative reward: cruising through the ocean on a speedboat, drinking (more) beer, and enjoying a feast of fried chicken and cheesecake.

Christian sat out during this challenge, and it was the four: Mike, Kara, Davie, and Carl who won the Reward Challenge.

Let me just say, whoever on the Survivor Production crew decided to start giving alcohol at the Reward Challenges deserves a raise. I’m tellin’ ya; this is some entertainment here! Watching the castaways drink their hearts

out is rather comical — and can put a damper on their game. In this case, Carl’s. It seemed that he drank a bit too much, and was “drunk off power” as he’s calling the shots and throwing his ego onto Kara and Mike at the reward. Mike and Kara notice his behavior

of over-confidence but certainly allowed him to do what he pleased.

Individual Immunity Challenge – Episode 2

During the second Immunity Challenge, the remaining nine castaways battled it out for a one-in-eight shot towards the one million dollar prize and title of Sole Survivor. There’s no time to waste now.

The castaways had to race through a series of obstacles, including spinning in circles, getting dizzy and walking across a balance beam, and finally solving a word puzzle. The first person to figure out the word wins Immunity.

But because the castaways are short on rice to eat, Angelina took this opportunity to negotiate with Jeff Probst before the challenge had started. She presents a low offer to Jeff, in hopes to trade some supplies at camp in

return for food to eat. Jeff, of course, doesn’t take the offer — but makes a counteroffer that if someone sits out in the challenge, he will provide them with more rice. At this time, Angelina accepted the offer for her tribe, and she sat out during this

challenge. She claims that she wants her tribe to notice her risks, so she sat out in hopes that it makes her game stronger in the long run. Smart move?

While watching this challenge, I couldn’t help but reflect on how great of a roster this season has. These castaways are all fighting hard and are making a game for themselves. And there were three in the lead especially during

in this challenge — Carl, Davie, and Alison. Carl put his word together at first thinking it was a misspelled, “perception.” But it was Davie and Alison racing for the correct word: “perspective.” By a few seconds, it was Davie who beat Alison in the horse-race

and won Individual Immunity!

Tribal Council – Episode 2

The votes had split between Alison and now this time, Carl. And Mike was in the middle of it all. Alison has been a fierce and competitive challenge player on the Goliath alliance, and she’s playing an excellent social game.

Carl, however, is being compared to “The Godfather” as he’s ruling the tribe with decisions, Tribal after Tribal. As a Writer, Director, and specifically Actor in this case, it was Mike’s time to put on a great performance and work both sides of each alliance.

One person who was very avid about voting out Carl was Gabby. She was sick of him dictating the votes. And that enthusiasm paid off. Mike chose to align with voting out Carl, and his confidence got snuffed at Tribal Council.

This led him to be the next person on the Jury along with Alec.

WOW. Yes, I must repeat it — what a roster this season. Since the merge, these castaways are fighting hard and making some bold moves! I’ve always been a fan of Christian this entire season, but I gotta’ say, Nick is the wizard

behind the curtain. No one — yet at least, is gunning for him, but he’s the one making most of these big moves! Tweet me @mickcloudy and let’s talk more Survivor together!

Don’t miss Survivor: David vs. Goliath:! Wednesday’s at 8/7c on CBS and don’t miss my recaps every week!

Tweet me @mickcloudy and let’s talk Survivor!

Don’t miss Survivor: David vs. Goliath! Wednesday’s at 8/7c on CBS and don’t miss my recaps every week!


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