The School of Rock Performance Program exposes students to music in an effort to explore their own minds and talents.  It teaches kids about live musical performance and life through music.

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“What we do at School of Rock to bring out the talent and inner musician is to help these kids discover themselves”, says General Manager Michael Latcha. “To teach them to grow as a person and to gain confidence through music on and offstage”.

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“I’ve grown alot as a person”, says vocalist Sophia Wahl, “along with confidence onstage, there’s confidence offstage. And being able to work with people in a group setting, like a team”

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“What I love about playing music in Detroit is it always feels like home,” reflects guitarist Aaron Lomasney. “Even if you don’t know the people in your audience, they’re always rooting for you”.

c94de4b325af41ea8825af1ab85e7439 The School of Rock

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