(CBS Detroit/WTOL) A chocolate company in Ann Arbor offering customers a free gift of marijuana sold out of the promotion in just 3 days.

“Buy some chocolate, get some weed,” that’s the slogan sending business through the roof for an entrepreneurial student in Ann Arbor.

Marc Bernard – Founder: Smoke’s Chocolate

Marc Bernard is a Washtenaw Community College student studying political science and communications.

For now he is running the unique online business right out of his loft.

“Apple started in a garage, Facebook started in a dorm room. I just so happen to have a loft,” Bernard, the founder of Smoke’s Chocolate said.

Bernard doesn’t need a lot of space.

“We don’t produce chocolate, so we don’t need a commercial kitchen,” Bernard explained.

He said he just needs an internet connection to sell the sweets. But when you buy some chocolate, for $10-15, you also get some weed.

“Anyone can pay the price for chocolate, but the only people getting gifts are people who are eligible for them.”

Bernard launched the business when recreational marijuana became legal in Michigan.

He hired privately-contracted drivers to deliver the sweets and gift the marijuana.

“Someone posted me to Reddit, and from there, orders started taking off.”

In just a couple of days, Bernard had $1,600 in sales, and had to shut down for a bit.

He’s now hiring more employees to take some Smoke’s Chocolate to the next level.

“We definitely want to grow, we want to expand, and we want to stay legal.”

A pretty sweet idea, that is expected to be back up and running again on Friday.

According to Forbes, the trick is to never give away more weed than what is allowed under the state’s possession limit, Forbes says.

Forbes reports it could take Michigan until early 2020 before marijuana dispensaries are available to residents.

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