Detroit (CBS Detroit) – Musician Tony DeNardo suffered a stroke at the age of 28 as he was setting up studio time for his band. Now, he is on a mission to help others in their recovery from a stroke.

“It just happened out of the blue, it was congenital, which means I was born with this condition, explains DeNardo. “It was pretty innocuous, I was just making a phone call at the time. I started losing my speech and then it was all downhill from there.”

There’s only a 15% chance of survival with the AVM Hemorrhagic Stroke that Tony DeNardo had.  “I suffered aphasia and right side paralysis, so I’m still working at it today…it’s an ongoing process.”

“I would say once you’ve had a stroke you’re always in rehab. It’s always micro-managing and stepping back outside of yourself and saying ‘how can I improve myself today’. I wanted to shed a positive light on stroke and help people out.”

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