FRASER, Mich. (CBS Detroit/ AP) – The sinkhole last year that caused an almost year long frustration to drivers, businesses and residents along 15-Mile road in Fraser was said to be caused by human error. Officials say the sinkhole which cost about $75 million dollars to fix was caused when an operator quickly released waste and water into a sewer line.

Macomb Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller said Wednesday that an assessment determined the surge fractured the pipe in Fraser which drew in sand and created a void in the surrounding soil.

The pipe collapsed and caused the Dec. 24, 2016, sinkhole which grew to football field-size.

15 Mile Road Reopens At Site Of Massive Sinkhole

But the problem started in 2014 when a gate was closed to hold back sewage for pipe maintenance. Miller said the gate was supposed to be gradually raised to allow the flow’s release over several hours. She said that wasn’t done properly on a number of occasions.

She said an insurance claim will be filed to recover some costs.

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