GENESEE TOWNSHIP (CBS DETROIT/ CNN) — Recreational marijuana is now legal across the state and a wedding hall is now catering to a different clientele.

The newest addition to Genesee Township, includes pool tables, table tennis, board games — and marijuana.

Business owner Anna Germain got the idea for the club from Punch Bowl Social in Detroit.

“So basically there, you go in, you can rent a karaoke machine, you can rent a pool table, can rent anything and then you get your punch bowl of alcohol and share drinks with your friends,” she said.

But at the Rec Center, instead of a punch of liquor patrons bring their own marijuana.

“We have soda, we have coffee and we also have our kitchen rented out to another local business they just started here yesterday. They are going to be cooking up really good food. So it’s hanging out, soft drinks and you can bring your weed and smoke,” Germain said.

There have been questions as to whether this unique business can legally operate. Germain believes that since she is not actually selling marijuana, she should be in good standing with the township.

“Being a wedding hall, we’re already zoned entertainment. There is no change in use. The only change is we’ve added a pool table and now we are renting to me for a different type of entertainment,” Germain said.

Everyone entering the business must be 21 or older. She said the response has been tremendous.

“So yesterday my parking lot was full and it was only my second day, like being here, so it’s been a really nice response and I’m definitely grateful,” Germain said.

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