Detroit Proud is excited to premiere another video, produced by our talented friends at The Ferndale Set!

This premiere post features Jackamo, a trio quickly taking the Detroit area by storm with their thoughtful melodies and swoon-worthy harmonies.

Check out the video premiere above, and our Q&A with Jackamo below!

Tell us a little about Jackamo! Describe your band’s musical style.

An acoustic / folk band – consisting of sisters Alison and Tessa, alongside their best friend, Jimmy. We perform our songs the same way we write them – vocal blood harmonies and a lone acoustic guitar.

Favorite Jackamo performance so far and why?

Our favorite performance thus far would have to be on November 3rd at The Loving Touch. We opened for our friend Adventures With Vultures who was gearing up to go on tour. We were surrounded by loved ones and supporters who have been there since day one.

What do you like to do in the city when you’re not performing?

When we’re not making music, we love to stop by our favorite coffee shop, Café 1923. On Saturdays, we like to make a trip to the Eastern Market to pick up lots of fresh goodies. We are also always down for a good card game around the kitchen table. You can also expect us to be in the crowd of another show, dancing and singing along. We love supporting other musicians.

Where are your favorite places to hang out in Detroit?

Capitol Park is one of our favorite spots to hang out in Detroit – we got to watch it as it changed from an empty lot to an exciting and new area of Detroit. There is also always something different going on there which keeps it fun and interesting. We really enjoy to spend time around Midtown as well, Third Man Records and City Bird is where it’s at!

Describe Detroit’s music scene, from your perspective.

James Showers (Guitarist) – “ I’ve been all over the country the last three years and I still firmly believe that the best musicians in the world are right here in Motown. Detroit has always been about the hustle and the hard working- that attitude is reflected in musicians.”

Is there a Detroit legend (or legends) that has been an inspiration for you in your music?

Jack White is definitely a Detroit legend that has inspired us along the way. Overall though Don Was constantly has us in awe. He Is an amazing musician and a producer to some of our other favorite artists.

What makes you proud of being musicians in Detroit?

Honestly, being musicians in Detroit is such an honor. Detroit truly has a unique charm about it and an audience that is welcoming to any / all types of music.

Favorite band(s) you’ve shared the stage with? Other local acts you’d love TO share the stage with sometime?

Some local bands that we have shared the stage with are The Fruits and Adventures With Vultures. Some local acts that we would like to share the stage with are Acoustic Ash, Brother Elsey, Flint Eastwood, Michigander and Brother Son.

Describe Jackamo’s songwriting process.

We always laugh when someone asks us our song writing process. Our process is truly random and never the exact same. We write songs that are honest – we like to draw from experience and other forms of art. We enjoy writing from a stream of thoughts – one time, a pack of printer paper actually sparked our writing session!

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest project(s)? What’s next for your band?

We are always writing – that is home. This year, we are working to share our home with you. Expect releases in the coming months as we are currently preparing to get into the studio. Following those recordings include playing out more. We are really looking forward to hitting the ground running and meeting more fans that share our love for music.


Thanks to Jackamo for taking the time to chat with us! For the latest updates on the band, be sure to check them out on Facebook HERE.


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