LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Michigan wildlife experts are encouraging landowners to be on the lookout for waterfowl nests in yards and gardens this spring.

(Credit: Luka Hercigonja/
(Credit: Luka Hercigonja/

The state Department of Natural Resources says female mallard ducks often build nests in landscaping, gardens and other unlikely places.

The department says if you come across a duck’s nest, the best thing is to leave it alone. If the eggs hatch, the mother will lead her ducklings to the nearest body of water – often the same day.

Canada geese also can put their nests near houses or in parks, often near water. The adults also get their young into the water quickly after hatching. They’re protective and will often hiss at and chase people who get too close. Mute swans behave in a similar way.

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  1. Steve Krause says:

    I have a momma mallard nesting right next to my house in Troy right now. She’s been here about 2-3 weeks and has about 10 eggs. My only concern is that there is no water close by. Hopefully, when the time comes, she’ll find some water and get her and her “kids” there safely!

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