Detroit (CBS) — The number of child abuse and neglect cases are rising in Mid-Michigan and members of the CAN Council feels education is a great way to reduce the number.

“What else could we be doing to drive those numbers down,” President and CEO of CAN Council Emily Yeager said.

Child abuse and neglect numbers are up in both Bay and Saginaw Counties.

On April 23rd, the Michigan League for Public Policy released its latest findings.

According to the 2019 Kids Count Data Book, confirmed child abuse and neglect cases rose 19 percent in Bay County from 2016-2017. During that same period, child abuse and neglect cases were up almost six percent in Saginaw County.

Yeager said education is a great way to reduce the number of child abuse and neglect cases.

“That’s something that we’ve seen a great demand for in Saginaw and Bay Counties, is that parent education piece. And we offer evidence-based programs currently, and the need for it is so large in both of our counties,” Yeager said.

Yeager said she will not stop until child abuse and neglect is a thing of the past.

“That’s why we’re here. You know we have a really committed group of employees, board of directors, and contributors who really believe in what we’re doing,” Yeager said.

Yeager said that the CAN Council can’t do it alone. She said it will take everyone doing their part to ensure that no child is ever abused or neglected again.

“Is there a church or civic group, a company that we could come speak to about the signs of child abuse, how to report it, how to respond to children who come to you if they say that they’ve been abused. Do you want to be a part of a fundraiser, whether it’s planning it or making a contribution, there’s something for everybody to contribute to ending this problem of child abuse and neglect,” Yeager said.

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