Southfield, MI – (CBS Detroit)

Tower Guy: “Don’t be nervous.”

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Karen Carter: “I’m not nervous at all, I’m so excited!”

Tower Guy: “How high you wanna go?”

Karen Carter: “As high as you’ll take me.

Karen Carter: “I can’t believe you get to do this every day, I think that’s really cool.”

Tower Guy: “I think so too, I like it.”

The ‘Tower Guy’ is Joe McHaney of International Towers, who is guiding Karen Carter on her trek up the WKBD-TV CW50 tower in Southfield.

KC: So how tall is this tower?

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JM: “This is a 1000 ft tower. This is our tag line right here, this is what’s going to pull us out away from the tower and that is our load line which is what’s picking up the load.”

KC:  “Does this ever get old?

JM:  “No, not for me. There’s nothing like this, you gotta be physically strong and you gotta be strong-minded to be able to do this job. Number one, you have to trust your equipment. Number two, you have to trust the person next to you.”

KC: “It’s so quiet, so calming up here.”

JM: “Yes, it is calming, especially when there’s not so much of a wind, you just sit up here and look around and see how beautiful everything is. A lot of people like doing this but it’s not for everybody, I can tell you that.”

KC: “So what is your project here, what are we working on today?”

JM: “Today we’re working on reinforcing the tower, to make it stronger against the elements.”

KC: “It really takes a special person to be able to do this, doesn’t it?

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JM: “I like to feel like at the end of the day, I conquered the tower; I got up there…I climbed it…I did it!”

Height (tip)

1,052.83 ft

Construction start
Southfield, Michigan
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