DETROIT (the Patch) – Detroit drivers are the 117th safest out of the 200 largest cities in America, according to Allstate’s annual “best drivers” report. The report, released Tuesday ahead of the dangerous July 4th holiday, ranks cities based on crash frequency using the insurance giant’s internal claims data.

Grand Rapids came in at 131 out of 200. Meanwhile, Brownsville, Texas, drivers were crowned the nation’s safest for the second consecutive year, averaging about 15 years between crashes, according to the report. That’s far more than the national average, which is about 11 years between crashes. Data on the number of hard-brakes for Brownsville drivers per 1,000 miles wasn’t available. The insurer said it found hard-braking correlates with crash frequency. Cities where drivers don’t hard-brake as often tend to see fewer property damage claims.

On the flip side, Baltimore, Maryland, drivers were dubbed the least safe in the nation, with the average crash claim filed about every four years. Baltimore drivers also hard-brake more than 30 times every 1,000 miles, far more than the national average of 19.

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