(the Patch) Half of the students who’ve been accepted to attend the new high school on the Marygrove College campus come from a highly sought after group: Detroiters who currently aren’t attending schools in the Detroit district.

That’s a key demographic for the district, which is trying to increase its enrollment to maintain financial stability. The high school is part of a unique campus at Marygrove, because eventually the “cradle-to-career” initiative will also include an early childhood center operated by Starfish Family Services, a K-8 school operated by the district, and a college-level teacher training program.

The enrollment data was part of an update on the new school that Superintendent Nikolai Vitti recently provided to school board members. The school, which will be called The School @ Marygrove, will focus on engineering and social justice. Students must take an examination as part of the application process.

“This gives you insight into how we can bring students back into DPSCD,” Vitti told school board members during a recent committee meeting. The board is evaluating Vitti in part on his success in increasing district enrollment. Vitti, who is about to enter his third year as superintendent, has looked to create new and unique schools to attract families to the district.

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