MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. (CBS Local) — A miscommunication resulted in an unusual birthday cake for a Georgia woman.

Kensli Davis, 25, of Milledgeville, is a huge fan of “Moana,” so her mother ordered a birthday cake inspired by the 2016 Disney animated movie at a local Dairy Queen.

Instead, they were surprised to get a cake decorated with a marijuana design.

“I think they thought that she said ‘marijuana’ because we’re from south Georgia, we kind of have an accent, so, ‘Moana,’ marijuana.” Davis told CBS affiliate WMAZ.

Davis’ mother has ordered other cakes from the same location for more than 10 years. Davis says she believes the employee made an honest mistake.

“I guess when they said that I love cartoons, they were like, ‘Let’s throw a little pony on there.’ So they put a little pony on there. It had red eyes. It was smoking a joint with a tramp stamp of a pot leaf on its bottom,” said Davis.

Davis says the woman who made the cake apologized and offered to make her another one. But the mishap didn’t stop Davis from eating the cake, which she said was quite delicious.

“I was very shocked. It was hilarious to me,” she said.

Davis posted the picture of the cake on Facebook. It went viral with more than 13,000 shares.

“I was very impressed by the artistic capabilities of them to be able to do the design that they did,” said Davis.

Davis still plans on buying a birthday cake next year.

“It won’t be ‘Moana’ or marijuana. I just won’t get a design at all. I’ll just get a regular ice cream cake if I have to,” Davis laughed.