(CBS DETROIT/the Patch) Under a proposed new code of conduct, Detroit school leaders would be able to suspend a student after the first instance of fighting. Students who repeatedly disrupt class or are persistently disrespectful could end up in an alternative school. And students would be able to wear shorts — but not short-shorts.

These are among the changes the Detroit school district is proposing to the student code of conduct. The proposal, which would give educators more flexibility in dealing with discipline issues, responds to concerns that emerged after the district moved to cut down on suspensions and develop more consistent discipline practices across all schools.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti has given school board members an overview of the proposed changes during committee meetings in recent weeks. The board is likely to take action on the changes at its July 16 meeting.

Vitti said the revamp that the board approved in June 2018 was effective in accomplishing what the district wanted: a more consistent way of dealing with discipline. It also created an emphasis on progressive discipline practices, which require school leaders to consider other options before meting out punishment.

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