(the Patch) No one likes a messy home— especially when it’s summer and the sizzling temperatures are making everyone just a little bit irritable! Luckily, the blistering heat is also the perfect excuse to stay indoors and do some decluttering.

And whether you have a few problem areas in your home or you desperately need a massive cleanup, Patch has come up with a few ways to help you tidy up your space and feel refreshed. We’ll even help you sell or give away your unwanted items!

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From creating a detailed cleanup plan to the best way to get rid of your extra stuff, take a look at these tips that will make decluttering your home a bit more manageable:

Make a plan and stick to it. Crafting a list of all your home’s problem areas and laying out a plan of attack will save you a lot of time and stress. It’s also important to pace yourself and allot a realistic amount of time to actually finish the project you’re working on. If your garage is filled to the brim with boxes you haven’t gone through in ages, you’re probably going to need more than a few hours to get through it. This will help you stick to your plan, even when life and distractions get in the way.

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Organize and clean room-by-room. Once you start a project, finish it! It can get very hectic (and messy) if you have multiple projects going on at once— not to mention it gets super difficult to prioritize your clean ups when there are multiple spaces that need attention. Pick one room at a time, and then only move onto the next room after everything is tidy.

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