(CBS DETROIT) – Detroit Police Chief James Craig spoke to media Monday about the recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio and what the police department is doing to keep the community safe.

Craig says the shootings are a national crisis and wants to know when will they stop because “it’s becoming an ongoing occurrence.”

The chief of police said Detroit police officers are in a “constant state of readiness” and is very confident in the department’s training.

“There are things that we do now that we didn’t do a year ago, learning from other cities, even when we talk about violent protest groups. We know how important it is to keep two opposing sides separate. We are not just going to stand and I’m not going to name the cities, you’ve seen the videos where they allow two opposing sides to engage in violence, and then you ask the number one question, where are the police? You’re not going to have that conversation here in Detroit,” he said.

Craig said the department will be visible, keep opposing sides apart and will not condone violence.

He also added that the public’s help is needed as well because “sometimes there are red flags that will go up.”

“The key is when we become aware of people in our community, that are suffering and making threats, tell someone. Tell the authorities, let us follow up on it because we may prevent the kind of carnage that we’ve seen in our nation over the weekend. It really is us, all of us Americans together with the united font, united voice saying enough is enough,” said Craig.

To hear Craig’s entire comments, watch below.

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