ANN ARBOR, Michigan (CBS DETROIT)– The University of Michigan has changed its in-state tuition requirement to help more students qualify for school. With out-of-state tuition estimated to be $51,000 a year, many want to take advantage of the $15,550 in-state tuition due to financial hardships.

Now, undocumented students and out-of-state students can qualify for in-state tuition as long as they do the following: live in Michigan, attend a Michigan middle school for two years, earn a GED or graduate with a high school diploma from a Michigan high school they attended for three years.

This new residency policy has not come without some scrutiny.

Some students believe the revised requirements does not take into account that some people establish residency at different dates outside of the allotted time period.

The University of Michigan has not publicly made a statement about this manner.

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