(CBS DETROIT) — The Michigan State Police took to their Twitter account to remind drivers what to do when an emergency vehicle is approaching.

When drivers “see the light, move to the right.”

The driver of another vehicle should yield the right of way to emergency vehicles according to the motor vehicle code.

“The driver shall immediately drive to a position parallel to and as close as possible to the right-hand edge or curb of the roadway, clear of an intersection, and shall stop and remain in that position until the authorized emergency vehicle has passed,” MSP said.

MSP said this doesn’t apply when directed otherwise by a police officer or when you are on a divided highway with a barrier.

So should drivers stop on the freeway? MSP says, “There is no exceptions for the freeway. However, most drivers don’t hear the vehicle in time to actually stop the car. If you are on the freeway, pull off to the right and if the emergency vehicle has not passed you yet, go ahead and stop. This usually will occur in heavy traffic during a crash or rush hour.”

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