ROYAL OAK (the Patch) — “Okay, well, she was looking at me too,” Devin Myers said to police in a video posted on Facebook after they stopped him for “looking suspiciously” at a white woman in a car, the video depicts. Myers said he didn’t interact with the woman at all, he told Patch, and even apologized to the police for the time they wasted on responding.

In the video, two Royal Oak police officers are seen standing next to Myers, who is calmly standing with his arms crossed outside the Inn Season Cafe where he was about to meet a friend to eat. The person who took the video, Kimiko Adolph, doesn’t know Myers, but says she was going to a CVS when she came across the scene.

Myers told Patch he was scared, but remained calm on the exterior because he didn’t want the officer to hurt him.

A press release from the Royal Oak Police Department, in full at the bottom of the article, says the officer who stopped Myers was probationary and made a mistake. It starts off with an apology.

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