With the growing popularity surrounding seltzer, it seems like sparkling water is the one thing you can drink without feeling guilty!  Whether you’re on Keto or paleo or vegan, these bubbles are compliant with almost every diet out there!  But are they as healthy as they seem?

Today, Dr. Oz investigates everything you ever wanted to know about this soda alternative.  From what’s really in them to how they pack so much flavor without the calories, our Food Fact Check insiders take a look at newest products on the market.

Plus, these days hot and ready meals can be delivered to your doorstep with just a swipe of the phone, but does our demand for speed and convenience come with risks?  Dr. Oz reveals fast-food confessions caught on tape, from people eating your order to spitting in your meal.  Real employees are stepping forward to expose what they’ve seen and heard from the fast-food front lines.  And, health inspector Peter Delucia breaks down what you need to know so you can stay healthy.

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