(CBS DETROIT/ PRNewswire) – Orkin released its Top 50 Rattiest Cities list Tuesday and Detroit is in the Top 10.

Orkin ranked metro regions by the number of new rodent treatments performed from September 15, 2018 – September 15, 2019. This ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments.

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Here’s the Top 10 Rattiest Cities:

1. Chicago

2. Los Angeles

3. New York

4. Washington, DC

5. San Francisco

6. Detroit

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7. Cleveland, OH

8. Minneapolis-St. Paul

9. Philadelphia

10. Atlanta

During the colder months, rodent activity increases as these pests seek shelter in warm areas with readily-available food and water. In fact, the National Pest Management Association states that 24 percent of homeowners report mice infestations specifically in the winter.

Rodents are known to cause severe structural damage with their strong jaws and burrowing skills. They can chew through just about anything including electrical wires, and potentially gas lines. It’s estimated approximately 25 percent of unexplained fires start from rodent chewing.

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