Videos of people promoting and tasting crazy food combinations have taken over social media platforms worldwide.  Today, we investigate some of the bizarre food combos, that some say, should never see the light of day.

The Dr. Oz Show Season 11, episode 11029.

From ketchup on a salad to salmon-flavored ice cream, Dr. Oz and his experts put their taste buds to the test and weigh in on whether they are recipes for success or food felonies.

The Dr. Oz Show Season 11 ep. #033

Then, some doctors and nutritionists were shocked when four big health organizations recently said some kids should drink dairy milk over milk alternatives.  Dr. Oz launches a food fact check to help find which is the best for you. Plus, the Dish crew, Daphne Oz, Vanessa Williams, Gina Neeley, and Jamika Pessoa, reveal the best hacks using store-bought cake mixes.

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