(CBS DETROIT) — Highlighting the joys, challenges and realities of love, marriage and romance in the black community, the docu-series “Black Love” returns for the second half of its third season with a new night and time airing Nov. 8 on OWN.

Created and produced by filmmakers Codie Elaine Oliver and Tommy Oliver, the show will now air on Friday nights at 8 p.m. EST.

Codie Elaine Oliver spoke with CBS Detroit about the origin of the show stating it sparked while she was a single woman and came from a number of things, in addition to the media portraying a “black marriage crisis.”

“Black Love” displays “the other side of love that exists, that no one is showing” — such as loving fathers, mothers, husbands and wives — focusing on real couples from all walks of life and celebrity couples such as LeToya Luckett and Tommicus Walker, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, David and Tamela Mann, and Terry and Rebecca Crews.

Codie says when she met her husband, Tommy, she told him of the show’s concept and they both moved forward to execute the idea.

“It just felt like everyone was telling me that it wasn’t possible and it wasn’t possible because I was black … and that black women with more education have a worse chance of getting married, which ultimately isn’t true,” she said.

While most people were telling Codie it wasn’t possible she saw examples firsthand from other couple filmmakers and a couple who had “change we can believe in” at the forefront of their presidential campaign, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“If I could sit down with couples who were making it, successful couples — meaning they are together, they’re happy, their relationship is healthy — then I could see it and believe it,” said Codie.

She admits, she nor her husband had those “successful couple” examples in their lives but they wanted the best chance of success for themselves.

Vulnerability and transparency is demonstrated throughout each interview in a raw and powerful way, allowing viewers to appreciate each journey “beneath the surface,” which is also the title for one of this season’s episodes.

“We talk about who we are as a result of where we came from and the things we experienced as kids … as teenagers and how they show up in our marriages,” she said.

Codie says an episode called “Money, Power, Respect” examines men and women juggle different roles and how the couple’s came to a place of peace in their relationships.

This season is classified by Codie as “transformative” stating she’s learned a lot from each couple by seeing much of the “work people describe in marriage.”

While there isn’t one particular couple Codie says she identifies most with — because “everyone gives her a gift in a sense of what’s possible” — she is however, excited about introducing a couple who’s been married for 73 years.

“The next four episodes we really show people who have stretched in one way or another to maintain their relationship,” she said.

For more information on the docu-series visit here.

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