Today, Dr. Oz is revealing everything you need to know about your microwave and the new rules you should be following.  From why you should clean your microwave regularly to the best way to reheat certain foods, we answer your most pressing questions.

We also tackle why people avoid microwaves because they think they can cause cancer.  We examine the research.  Plus, our experts break down the foods that they say are healthier cooked in the microwave versus in boiling water.

Then, whether you fry it, steam it, or boil it, everyone is obsessed with shrimp, and we’re eating more of it than ever before.  However, headlines uncovering the dark side of the shrimp market have consumers concerned about where their shrimp comes from and how it’s raised.  Dr. Oz takes a deep dive into how this crustacean makes it to your plate and gives you the ultimate shrimp buyers’ guide.

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