With 18.4 million reports of child sex abuse imagery on the internet just last year, Dr. Oz is declaring war on pedophiles and taking a deep dive into the disturbing epidemic of child pornography shared online. For the first time ever, the Oz investigation squad teams up with a high-tech task force as they track and bust child predators in an undercover sting.  Our experts discuss how tech companies are working to increase surveillance and the steps parents can take to prevent their children from becoming victims.

Plus, rapper T.I. sparked a media firestorm when he announced that he subjects his teenage daughter to annual “virginity tests”.  We go behind the controversial headlines and survey if parents have a right to know, or if he went too far.

And, an alarming, breaking report about vaping.  An undercover investigation reveals counterfeit products can contain carcinogens, pesticides, and even cyanide!

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