(CBS Local)– Jessica Kirson has been waiting for this moment for a long time.

The stand-up comic has her own comedy special for the very first time and it is appearing on Comedy Central Friday night. In her special, Kirson talks about her family, performing for old people, being married to a woman, and UFO’s. The special is called “Bill Burr Presents Jessica Kirson: Talking To Myself” and Burr starts out the special by saying this should’ve happened for Kirson a long time ago.

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“It’s really one of those stories and it happens all the time where someone is very strong and the clubs love them and comics love them and they don’t get a special,” said Kirson in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “And they gave out a lot of specials to people who weren’t ready unfortunately and wasted a lot of money. I always play with the crowd and love doing crowd work. Going in and out of the crowd helps my stuff and makes it even funnier.”

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One of the most unique parts of Kirson’s act is that she’ll turn away from the audience and talk into the microphone, as if she’s having an internal dialogue with herself. The stand-up comedian has been doing this in her act for 15 years and it’s her way of dealing with jokes that don’t hit.

“It didn’t work at first and I realize I can only do it when a joke doesn’t work,” said Kirson. “If a joke doesn’t work, I turn my back and have a conversation where I say it’s ok and everyone makes mistakes. It took me a long time to get that to work well. There are still some people that are dumb and don’t understand it. Most people understand it. Comics notice the one person that is not laughing.”

“Bill Burr Presents Jessica Kirson: Talking To Myself” premieres Friday, December 6 at midnight EST/PST. Kirson hopes people tuning in can escape from reality and be silly.

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“It’s very vulnerable to put out your material that you’ve been working on for 20 years,” said Kirson. “I really just want people to get out of their heads and laugh. I push boundaries. If you try to silence me, it will get bad.”