(CBS Local)– Rosanny Zayas was a fan of the “The L Word” growing up, but being at a viewing party to watch the premiere of “The L Word: Generation Q” is something she never could’ve imagined.

The actor plays Sophie Suarez in Showtime’s new iteration of the series called “The L Word: Generation Q.” Zayas loves that this show is willing to cover all the different angles of women in their lives, relationships, and careers.

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“It takes time to try and dissect the things that connect people and then put it on camera,” said Zayas in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “It took me a while to feel grounded in my character because this is brand new and the Generation Q. It’s a new person you’re meeting for the first time. I think that the amazing thing about it is Marja-Lewis Ryan, our showrunner and writer, she really wanted to write to us and figure out who we were as people. Honestly, episode three is where I was feeling good.”

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Zayas says one of the big things she focused on when building this character is the decisions Suarez was making in her life and how they changed her. The Juilliard School graduate loves how the series bridges the gap between an older generation of queer women and a new generation.

“What fascinated me the most was the different generations of queer life,” said Zayas. “You have the OG’s and they’re from a very specific time and they were going through very specific things. Now, you get to meet a whole new group of people living their lives today in 2019. You see what the differences are between those generations and how each generation influences the other. It was pretty amazing. It is so powerful to tell these stories on television.”

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Watch “The L Word: Generation Q” Sunday nights at 10pm EST/PST or stream it on Showtime Anytime.