DETROIT (AP) — The driver of a red or orange Chevrolet Camaro who performed 360-degree turns in the middle of a Detroit freeway was being sought by police.

The “side show” blocked all lanes of westbound Interstate 94 for about 10 to 15 minutes Sunday night, Police Chief James Craig said Monday.

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Cellphone video posted on social media shows other vehicles blocked traffic about 8 p.m. Sunday on I-94 to allow the Camaro’s driver to turn in circles unimpeded. Some motorists trying to drive along the freeway called 911.

The Camaro had tinted windows, a black gas cap and aftermarket wheel rims, Craig said.

Craig said the license plate was covered with a “despicable” message for police, but that the driver has been identified and is not a Detroit resident.

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“Here’s my message to them,” Craig added. “We are going to find you, and when we do, we’re going to arrest you, and we’re going to seize your vehicle.”

Police arrested the driver of a Dodge Challenger used to help block traffic Sunday. He was involved in — and faces charges — for a similar incident in November in which a pedestrian was struck and seriously injured, Craig said.

“In fact, my plan with the Challenger is we’re going to keep it, we’re going to seize it and we’re going to convert it into a police car,” Craig told reporters.

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Traffic also was blocked this summer on the Lodge Freeway as drivers of several cars performed doughnuts on the roadway. Video from that illegal stunt driving also was posted on social media. A vehicle belonging to a 25-year-old man from suburban Canton was impounded.