MICHIGAN (PATCH) — Products that contain hard-boiled eggs from a Georgia company that ended up on store shelves nationwide have been recalled because of a deadly outbreak of listeria.

If you’re at a high risk for listeria infection, don’t eat store-bought egg salad or anything else with egg in it. The recall does not affect eggs you bought at the store and then hard-boiled at home on your own but rather store-bought hard-boiled eggs and products that contain them.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that at least seven people in five states have gotten sick, including one in Texas who died.

Trader Joe’s used some of the recalled product in its own production of egg salad, which has also been recalled.

Trader Joe’s has recalled its brand name Egg Salad in 6-ounce cups and its brand name Old Fashioned Potato Salad in 20-ounce trays.

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