MICHIGAN (PATCH) — Now that her first year has come to a close, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has realigned the department. She says the move will strengthen important functions, emphasizing consumer protection, education and safety along with ensuring that key investigations and initiatives are appropriately staffed to succeed.

“This first year in office has given me an opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Department in terms of staff assignments and priorities,” said Nessel. “I continue to be deeply impressed by the quality and commitment of the attorneys in this department and hope to always be in a position to give them the resources they need to continue to be outstanding attorneys for the people of Michigan.”

Nessel has made the following changes:

  • Re-assigned four criminal attorneys to focus solely on elder abuse investigations and prosecutions.
  • Established a Public Administrator Division, led by a full-time Public Administrator (the previous PA was a part-time position), Kathryn Barron.
  • Strengthened and expanded the Civil Rights Division by adding two additional attorneys to assist with civil rights cases and moving three key units – Hate Crimes, Wrongful Imprisonment (WICA) and Conviction Integrity – into the division.

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