At Plum Health, we believe that health care should be affordable and accessible for everyone.

Plum Health provides excellent health care services. We focus on prevention and wellness. We want to partner with you to create better health outcomes by providing compassionate service in a timely manner.



Dr. Paul Thomas from Plum Health – Our practice is Plum Health and we deliver affordable and accessible health care in Detroit. We use a membership model for health care.


What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care allows you to have a direct relationship with your doctor.
Mayor of Detroit Mike Duggan – You may have highly paid executives and athletes in here, and you’re gonna have folks that don’t have any place else to go and I can tell these two doctors here are gonna treat everyone with the same care.

For the equivalent of a monthly cell phone bill, you can receive direct, primary health care services that are tailored to your individual needs. From your annual check-up to urgent care needs to general questions about staying healthy, Direct Primary Care offers you access to care across a spectrum of needs.




  • A direct relationship with your doctor

  • Fewer patients = more time with your doctor

  • Your health and wellness are the priority

  • Call us at any time, email us, or text us

  • Save hundreds on labs, imaging, and prescription meds

  • Clear and consistent pricing

  • Peace of mind



  • Rushed appointments

  • Doctor’s have thousands of patients = less time

  • Sometimes you’ll have to see a mid-level provider

  • Only available during business hours, typically 9 – 5

  • 2-10x markup on labs and services

  • Services billed at the highest rate possible in order to maximize reimbursement from your insurance company


Dr. Raquel Orlich of Plum Health – I think community involvement means making sure that we really try to make an impact here in Detroit and the Corktown area, and being able to somehow give back to the community.



For more info or to schedule an appointment:

Call or text Dr. Paul at (313) 444-5630


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