(CBS DETROIT) – Michigan health officials confirm they are investigating three possible cases of the Coronavirus in the state, two cases in Washtenaw County, and one in Macomb County.

The state says they’re monitoring people coming from infected regions in China where at least 26 people died.

The CDC confirms two cases so far here in the U.S, and officials are investigating another 61 potential cases.

Officials say symptoms are similar to the flu, including fever and a bad cough.

They recommend visiting the doctor if you are concerned with your symptoms.

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Comments (8)
  1. Will Porter says:

    Three deaths confirmed? That’s what your headline says.

    Lead says “three possible cases.”

    This really needs to be fixed if that’s an error.

  2. John Smith says:

    I believe that this is a mistake in the title. This is the kind of mistake that could lead to mass hysteria. Please fix ASAP

  3. Switchblade says:

    This is a perfect example of irresponsible journalism, awesome job CBS…

  4. Joe Bettell says:

    so did you pay someone for this article or is this the product of an unpaid internship? either way, whiskey tango foxtrot

  5. C’mon, fix that title guys! That’s very, very misleading.

  6. Wuz Kangz says:

    >1125 confirmed cases
    >41 deaths
    >37 “cured” (Can’t cure a virus!)
    >132,750~ suspected cases, possibly many more

    1. das rite says:

      but metokur told me middle america would be safe

  7. Very Real Name and Email Dot Com says:

    Disgusting fearmongering, this is why you shouldn’t pay any attention to the news at all.

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