(CBS DETROIT) – Kobe’s impact was felt all the way in Detroit, where the Pistons are commenting on the tragedy.

A statement from the team says, “Detroit piston’s fans will remember him for the memorable moments he delivered each year at the palace throughout his 20-year NBA career as well as his lasting impact on the game of basketball both on and off the court.”

Jamie and Stoney from 97.1 the Ticket said, “During that season in 2007, there was a rumor, and it was more than a rumor that Kobe vetoed that trade. It was supposed to be Rip Hamilton, Teshawn Prince, Ymir Johnson and a number one draft choice to the laker’s for Kobe Bryant, and man that would have been very interesting. You know Kobe traded for a whip. Somebody made this point yesterday, basketball players just don’t die young. I mean you think about Bill Russell is there every June to hand out the MVP award. Will Chamberlain passed away a few years ago. Still, the legends seem to live forever in the NBA and Kobe was such a visible former player too you know he didn’t go off and was a recluse, he didn’t sit up in the luxury suites, he sat down on the floor with his daughters, and there was this feeling that there was this second act coming. I think people were very curious to see what the second act was.”

Kobe Bryant, also known as number 8 or 24, played with the lakers from 19-96 to 20-16.

The five-time NBA champion was just 41-years-old.

He is survived by his wife Vanessa and three daughters, Natalia, Bianka, and Capri.

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