DETROIT, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – A local non-profit organization was vandalized and now the Detroit Police is looking for suspects.

A busted window smeared paint and a disheveled kitchen.

These are some of the damages bruising the home of the Pure Heart Foundation.

Sherelle Hogan, Pure Heart Foundation executive director says the home had been broken into and “was completely destroyed.”

The organization moved its mission to the 48205 zip code – known as Detroit’s toughest neighborhood – to assist a group of at-risk kids, never imagining that they would be the target for crime.

“I think the most devastating is that they actually stole 100 bags of school supplies and hygiene kits for our scholars,” she said.

The suspects stripped the home of appliances and supplies and leaving the foundation $10,000 in the hole.

“They stole basically everything, that what we need right to function in the house: AC unit, furnace, hot water tank, refrigerator, stove, all types of things. They vandalized the place,” said Hogan.

The resource center was under construction to provide counseling and services to children with incarcerated parents.

But a day before the open house, the place was in ruins.

Hogan said she forgives whoever is behind this.

“It’s unfortunate that you did this to us, but whatever attempt that you had to break us or deter us from our mission or to stop or delay, that didn’t work,” she said.

The organization is moving forward with plans to open its doors in April.

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Everyone WHO knows me, knows that outrage, anger and disappointment is not displayed on my page! BUT everyone who knows me, also knows that I don’t play about Pure Heart Foundation!!!! For the last 5 years I have dedicated and sacrificed ALL of me and my life with a smile on my face for my babies!!!!! A day before our open house, someone broke in Pure Heart Foundation’s house and stole from some youth who’s already been through enough!!!! Our team is fighting for them, why are you fighting against us!!! They stole: The refrigerator- that was meant to store food for my babies. The stove- that was gonna feed my babies! The hot water tank and furnace – That was gonna benefit my babies water and heat!!! Cleaning supplies- that was gonna be used to keep their Facilty clean! School supplies: That benefited my babies future! Hygiene kits- That was gonna benefit my babies self care!! The AC unit!!! They broke our washer and dryer that was going to break barriers!!! And so much more!!!! Hear me!!!!!! This will NOT stop me!!!! This will not stop us!!!! This is a blow, but it’s not the end. I am furious! I am upset!!!! But I belong to GOD so I pray for mercy …. Children of incarcerated parents matter and what you did to them is unacceptable!!!!! Share this! They snatched every alarm system we had OUT

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