(CBS Local)– Simone Missick’s rise to stardom was a slow burn, but things are starting to happen for the Michigan native.

Missick is the lead on CBS’s new legal drama “All Rise” and will be popping into season two of Netflix’s “Altered Carbon” with Anthony Mackie. While many know the actor for her work as superhero Misty Knight, Missick is proud to be playing a judge on network television.

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“The best part for me has been the fans,” said Missick in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “You can make shows that you believe in and shows that are a little bit different. It’s not your typical legal show. It’s not all drama and it’s not all comedy and we handle hot button topics politically in today’s climate. We had the biggest numbers of any freshman shows of the fall. It was amazing and certainly a blessing. I just got this great message from a young lady who is in law school and studying to be a lawyer and watching the show has opened her mind to possibly becoming a judge.”


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“All Rise” airs Monday nights at 9pm EST/PST and can also be streamed on CBS All Access. In addition to playing Judge Lola Carmichael, Missick will also be appearing in season two of the futuristic Netflix series “Altered Carbon.”

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‘I watched the first season of Altered Carbon before I shot the show and I had to watch it twice,” said Missick. “Just to make sure I got it because the first season is dense. We got a great cast and the story is compelling. I’m really excited for people to see this show. I’ve waited long enough and I’ve dreamed about this. I had a full circle moment. The billboard for All Rise is in the same area where I used to wait tables when I first got to LA. I’ll take it. I’ll take the 10 or 15 years it took for my face to get on a billboard.”