Today, we investigate the shocking visions and aftereffects of near-death experiences and what science says about how you physically and spiritually change when you die.  Dr. Oz speaks to one woman who says her brushes with death and a diagnosis of an incurable disease opened her eyes to an ability to connect and communicate with the other side.  Also, a doctor who claims that her five near-death experiences have given her a newfound ability to sense signs from beyond the physical world, opens up about her experiences.

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Then, celebrity OB-GYN and star of “Married to Medicine” Dr. Jackie Walters answers questions you are too embarrassed to ask your own doctor.

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Plus, the CDC has confirmed the first U.S. coronavirus case of unknown origin, meaning the California patient hasn’t traveled to China or known to be directly connected to someone who has been affected.  Dr. Oz reports from on the ground in Los Angeles about what this new information could mean for the spread of the virus in this country and how you can protect yourself and your family from getting sick

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