DETROIT, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – When it comes to the new coronavirus, COVID-19 a lot of adults have a lot of fear and uncertainty, but if we feel this way, imagine how kids feel.

“It makes me feel a little scared because I don’t know if I’m going to catch it,” said Heaven Greenestinson.

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Like many kids, 10-year-old Heaven has fears about something she’s barely old enough to understand. Something not even most adults can fully comprehend.

The COVID-19 coronavirus is the topic of many household conversations, and today in Mrs. Solomon’s 3rd grade class, reading, writing and coronavirus is being discussed.

But with any lesson, it’s important to have complete knowledge of the subject.

That’s why Mrs. Solomon decided to incorporate a lesson on the coronavirus.

Including a special visit from the school’s nurse, not because someone was ill, but because they want everyone to remain healthy.

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Proper hand washing was also demonstrated. A lesson Heaven says she takes seriously.

“Make sure you always wash your hands before you come in my room,” she said.

Heaven learned that hand washing should last for at least 20 seconds. And using a special song to ensure the proper duration.

So the kids can have a better understanding of what exactly the coronavirus is, a kid friendly comic strip was created where they can actually put it together and make a comic book.

After the coronavirus lesson, Heaven says her mind is more at ease.

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