DETROIT, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – These are the helping hands putting in work at the polls.

“They’re pretty dedicated,” said George Azzouz, Detroit Department of Elections director.

Precinct inspectors help voters get through the process, from filling out applications to submitting ballots.

“The chairperson is in charge of the actual precinct. Most of our buildings have more than one and our polling site assessors are in charge of the whole building over all the precincts,” said Azzouz.

In the city of Detroit alone over 4,000 workers have been on the clock since the crack of dawn putting in long hours, assisting voters with their ballots.

“From four in the morning… a.m. … until approximately nine or ten depending on the voters. my responsibility is to make sure that our inspection applications are correct, that ballot numbers are consistent with the voter,” said Sarah Haynes, polling site assessor.

The opportunity is also afforded to teens looking for work experience.

“I’m just really asking them to fill out the application itself and then I’m passing that on to the E.P.I. and they’re going over like the information. Validating it and just getting it ready for the next step,” said 16-year-old student application inspector Alyssa Nunez.

From site assessing to inspecting poll workers say they look forward to election day to service to the community.

“I also did it for the experience so that way I kind of know what to expect when I come to vote myself,” said Nunez.

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