Detroit, MI  (CBS Detroit) – Blind Artist Brendan Patrick From Ferndale Michigan

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Brenden Patrick –  Being a blind artist I produce what I can, whatever it turns out to be it is.

I haven’t always been blind, I lost my vision when I was 26 due to complications with Cystic Fibrosis which I also have. I now have Diabetes, Glaucoma and I also wear leg braces.


I’ve always been kind of an outsider.. growing up I didn’t really have that many friends and I can recall my earliest memories that my sketchbook was my best friend.

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Art has always been kind of a coping mechanism for me, and it’s definitely been my therapy to help me get threw my tough situations.

People always come up to me and tell me my art is very inspirational, and ya know that’s really not my intention, it was me doing it for myself.

My message is more don’t give up, you just need to adjust to the tools that you have and how to use them. You may have to approach things differently but it’s still just a matter of using those tools.

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