Breaking news on the promising drug to treat COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine.  Experts are now looking at data out of Wuhan, China and France to see if hydroxychloroquine can prevent people from getting coronavirus.








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  1. Heidi Wohlrabe M.D. (Heidi Riveron) says:

    My daughter and I both have lupus. I am not on plaquenil but she takes 300 mg per day. I did not like the side effects. On Jan 4h I was on a princess cruise with her leaving from LA to Mexico for this 7 day cruise. There were 3000 people on board obviously many Asians. 5 days into the cruise I came down with constant fevers that lasted 5 days. Then I developed a cough that was so bad I was in respiratory distress and could hardly talk. I took 2 Z pacs over the next 2 weeks but I called my FM doctor who heard me and prescribed Allbuterol and steroid inhalants. My FM doc and I are convinced that I had coronavirus. My granddaughter got a fever, my husband got a fever and cough but nothing serious. My daughter on plaquenil did not get sick. If we can help you with your study please let me know. Thanks, Heidi Wohlrabe M.D. My husband is a cardiac surgeon and also thinks that I did have coronavirus. My phone number is 715-581-4073

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