French doctor, Didier Raoult met with France’s Premier Emmanuel Macron last night to present a new paper that studied 1,061 COVID-19 patients that were treated early with hydroxchloroquine and azithromycin (z-pac).  He found that those on this drug protocol met with 92% excellent outcomes (they were free of the virus within 10 days).  He also found the drug protocol to be very safe for patients with low side effects, and that there was a correlation with the amount of hydroxychloroquine found in the blood and success rates.


However, the paper also found that those patients who had high blood pressure and taking certain types of hypertension medications (beta blockers) had complications.  This may lead to a clue that those with high blood pressure are more susceptible to COVID-19 or the medications they’re on can lead to more concerns.







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  1. Ken says:

    Perhaps we should do some simple math since many seem to be mathematically challenged.

    5 deaths out of 1061 patients is 0.47%

    As of today France has recorded 333,807 confirmed cases and 12,210 deaths.

    This is a death rate of 10.37% per confirmed case.

    Currently the same random population in France shows a death rate that is 22 times as large in the population who was not treated compared to the 1061 in this test that were treated. This incredible result is the definition of statistically significant.

    For those asking for a “control group” as some magical requirement for statistical significance in their rigid illogical and unthinking brain, I recommend they use 1061 of the 12,210 dead French who are available in the morgues of France. They represent a truly random group and the only significant difference in their outcome compared to this treated group is they were blocked from a treatment the Chinese and Koreans have been dispensing FOR MONTHS and have published generally positive if not “PERFECT” results.

    At this point anyone who is blocking this treatment should be removed due to there being only 2 possible reasons for their obstruction. Either they are grossly incompetent, or they are criminally blocking a viable safe treatment for financial or professional benefit.

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