STALLINGS, N.C. (CBS Local) — A North Carolina mom who didn’t have a mask decided to get creative before venturing out for an essential errand during coronavirus shelter-in-place orders.

Kelly Hogan Painter said her husband told her that she shouldn’t go to the store to buy her family food without a mask. But with no mask in the house, she grabbed the next best thing — a Buzz Lightyear toy helmet, complete with sounds and a button that closes the plastic face guard.

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Painter videotaped herself as headed into a Stallings grocery store…and beyond!

“So when your husband bets you…. Well first he tells you that you can’t go to the store without a mask, and then you tell him that it was recommended and not necessary, and then he tells you you can’t go get food for your kids because we have no mask in the house…. So you supply the mask,” says Painter, pushing the button to lower the helmet’s face mask. “I’m going in.”

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At least one person reportedly approached Painter, asking if they could take a picture of her.

Painter shared the video April 4 on Facebook.

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“If y’all see me on the news tonight PLEASE don’t tell my mama. She would be so embarrassed,” she joked in the post. “Y’all stay safe!”