DETROIT, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – Hundreds of cars wrapped the Mathis Community Center on Greenfield Road Monday.

“I was like whoa! What is this? They gotta be giving away something. It was a lot of people. I couldn’t believe they was out here that early because it’s usually like a desert,” said Bianca Hunnicutt.

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Popular TV Judge Greg Mathis pitched in to help Detroiters in the pandemic by donating 500 Walmart gift cards valued at $25 each.

The giveaway was supposed to last three hours but the high demand caused the cards to go fast showing the need for economic relief.

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“There’s definitely a need for resources and Judge Mathis felt that. He stays very aware of what’s going on here in Detroit. You know it’s his hometown. We at the community center try to echo his sentiments. He knew there was a need for people to have some help and these gift cards are there for them to have essentials to purchase from Walmart. Whether it was hygiene products, food with vegetables, baby essentials, we just knew they needed something and he decided to do what he could to help,” said Solomon Choice.

The turnout was so big that cars continued to line-up long after supplies ran out, a response that mirrors the harsh reality of hard times.

“This will be one of many events we’ll do here at the center to try to help the community and whatever need we think the community has we’ll try to suffice that need. It’s just a tribute to what Judge Mathis feels in his heart,” said Choice.

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