OWOSSO, Mich. (CNN) — A judge is letting a Michigan barber to stay open despite the governor’s executive order.

Karl Manke is ready for customers after a judge denied a temporary restraining order to close the barbershop.

Under Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order barbershops, salons and spas are non-essential and need to remain closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The judge’s decision comes just hours after the Shiawassee County Sheriff said he wouldn’t enforce the order.

Manke says he had tried to file for unemployment but wasn’t successful. He says the shop is his livelihood.

“We’re thrilled, yea. The court just denied the “TRO”  request that the attorney general filed earlier today, which means Karl can stay open. And the judge did what we asked, which is if they want to have a hearing present evidence and try to convince the court that Karl should be shutdown, show how the proof. Show that people are actually being harmed,” said David Kallman, Karl Manke’s attorney.

“I had gone six weeks without a paycheck, with no money coming in. You know, I’ve been in this business 59 years. I’m entering my 60th now. I’m 77. I’ve always worked. I’ve never looked for handouts, I don’t even know what they are. I had somebody call me and say why don’t you get on food stamps. I don’t want food stamps. I want to work,” said Manke.

The Owosso Police had issued misdemeanor tickets last week before turning the situation over to prosecutors.

Manke is set to appear in court in June for those civil infractions.

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  1. Gary Wagner says:

    I hope governor wHitler doesn’t send in her jack-booted brown shirts to haul this barber off to a reeducation camp for defying her draconian order.

  2. mike says:

    Lock that nazi skank up!

  3. Darren says:

    Can we stop criminalizing people making a living? Politically-connected businesses stay open and pack in people but powerless mom and pop businesses get dragged to court. What kind of country do you want to live in?

  4. Stacey says:

    I am sorry, but you are wrong. The barber should be shut down and be responsible for all fines and time in jail for violating the law. I don’t think anyone is considering their family or close friends’ health or safety and only worried about their your own political and/or financial agenda. I own a small business and have obeyed the LAWS OF STATE OF MICHIGAN due to COVID-19 effective as of 12:01am on March 24, 2020 for the State of Michigan to make sure that everyone remains safe, healthy and survives. It has not been a good year and It is has not been easy for anyone, but it will get better if everyone does their part. I want my family, clients, friends and myself to stay alive. Also by the way, your rights end where mine begin. I have the right to stay alive, along with the people that I love.

    1. Chromeo says:

      ” Also by the way, your rights end where mine begin. ”

      Sounds great — but doesn’t that mean your rights ends where ours begin?
      Do we have a right to make you sick? No.
      Do you have a right to bankrupt us, cause us to lose our house, financially devastate us? No.

      You and yours have the right NOT to enter his barber shop. Or associate with anyone who does.
      But your right not to associate with them does not extend to the right to FORBID them from associating with who they want.

      Sorry “Also by the way, your rights end where mine begin. ” sounds like …. “You have no rights! Only I do!”

    2. Mike Palmer says:

      Your assumption that it will get better shows a tremendous amount of ignorance of fiscal matters. Our economy is at a tipping point. If we don’t get thing started back up VERY soon, the entire economy will collapse and getting it re-started will take years. The infrastructure will falter, hospitals will go out of business, food shortages will occur– it will make the virus look like a spring day. The data shows that the death rate of this virus is somewhere in the .01% range, which meanns 99.9% of people will survive the virus. Originally the lockdown was to keep from overwhelming the hospitals, but suddenly that goal has changed. Now the lockdowns must stay until we completely contain the virus, which is like trying to hold back the tide. It’s entirely unplausible and smacks of politicization. You sound like an honest person, which means you’re not one of those with a political agenda, but rather actually believe the nonsense your’re spouting. I’m here to tell you, you’re being lied to. There are worse things that can happen than .01 of our society dying, and if we don’t get the economy going again, you’re going to find out what they are very soon.

    3. Erika Johnson says:

      Stay out of Walmart, Meijers, Drive thrus, and all corporate owned business. As matter of fact these over 1000 customer a day places of work shut down now!! Who zooming who? Worried about a hair salon that has less than 10-20 customers day? Whitmer get over yourself, soros orders, and resign.

  5. Meanwhile all types of “essential” businesses are open. Costco, with people touching food and putting them back, super markets, the same, etc., etc.,

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