(CBS DETROIT) – A Texas hairstylist traveled to Michigan in support of Karl Manke, a 77-year-old barber who reopened his shop despite Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order.

Since reopening, Manke’s license was suspended by the state.

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Shelley Luther opened her hair salon during Texas’ strict lock down orders and was arrested and put in jail.

In a Facebook post on May 15, Luther wrote, “Bringing some Texas SASS to Michigan to help 77 yo barber, Karl Manke. See you at his shop on Monday @ 2pm!”

On Monday, Luther stood with Manke during a press conference showing her support for the barber.

“Also, you’re very reactive and not proactive like a governor should be. How did you help your nursing homes? What PPE did they get? Nothing. Not the caretakers, not the people. They got nothing. This blood is on your hands,” said Luther.

Manke said during the press conference, Whitmer is more concerned with “the physical health” than other aspects.

“She is so shallow that she totally, completely, it’s out of her even range of thinking that there’s a mental and spiritual aspect of the human being besides the physical. We have a bunch of empty shells in their homes that are healthy from the Coronavirus, but are mentally and spiritually starved. Right? We need to bring this type of awareness to each other. We are a community. We’re meant to live in community, so shake hands with people, address people, talk to people. You know, this continual hiding, riding around in our cars with a mask on with a windows rolled up is not healthy,” said Manke.

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